No more tiles in your shower, just a nice smooth finish.

Walk-in showers for new bathrooms and renovations are currently very popular. In contrast to a shower cubicle, the installation of walk-in showers requires extra attention to the finish of the shower walls. Shower walls are often tiled because tiles are attractive, strong and fairly easy to maintain. However, there are disadvantages. The joints between the tiles can become discoloured, mould can form and after time passes you have to deal with the typical black bathroom grout. In addition, improper installation can lead to moisture problems, tiles coming loose and so on. To solve all of these problems, you can use Eauplus walls supplied by Eauzon.

Enjoy your shower with nice water bubbles without worry or leaks.

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Shower walls with a unique velvety feel and matt finish.

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Made to Measure

E A U P L U S – Smood walls & Comfort floors are known for their quality

The top layer of Eauplus-Smood is slip-resistant, scratch-resistant, colour fast, fireproof (Class 1), wear-resistant, pressure-resistant and has excellent acoustic damping properties. This top layer is affixed to a “sandwich” consisting of aluminium-expanded PVC aluminium. This unique combination provides a light unit that is exceptionally strong and stable. The acoustic characteristics are also an important advantage. The base plate is pressed and glued on a gradient, which ensures water drains properly. The top layer is a further development of a special material that had proven its strength and utility in clean rooms, food stores, laboratories, etc., and was originally developed for the food industry and the medical sector. The top layer is also resistant to alkalis and diluted acids. Bactericidal nanosilver particles are added while extruding the top layer. This supplements the known anti-microbial properties of the PVC. The surface is smooth and ultra pore-free, making it very easy to clean, and therefore extremely hygienic. The patented top layer is soft and provides resilience and feels incredibly soft. This makes showering even more relaxing than ever before.

The many advantages of the E A U P L U S – Smood walls & Comfort floor

There are only advantages with Eauplus walls. Maintaining Eauplus walls is a real pleasure because these are smooth panels that are easy to clean. In addition, Eauplus uses a unique waterproofing system for the floors and walls. A stainless steel 4 cm wall lip is assembled behind the walls (not visible), which guarantees your walk-in shower is waterproof and leakproof. Another advantage of Eauplus walls is that they can be easily installed on old tile walls. You lose no space. It works really well due to its light weight and can be installed “dust free” in you home. The dimensions of our panels are H300 x B123 or H248 x B123 depending on your desired height. These sizes also allows us to install a tall shower cubicle. Eauplus specialises in renovating showers and baths into a new shower. This is possible in a single day with minimal cutting and demolition work.
  • Waterproof and mold-free
  • The surface is smooth and even and highly scratch resistant
  • Ultra pore free
  • Strong and simple to install
  • One-piece shower floor up to 298 cm
  • One-day installation
  • Our own installation team
  • Production in Belgium, custom-made available in 5 days
  • Wall height up to 300 cm
  • Only a few seams when installing walls
  • All shower trays are custom made
  • Very flat shower floor with a perfect slope/li>
  • Anti-slip is invisible and approved for hotels and hospitals
  • Custom-made to fit perfectly in any bathroom
  • Multiple applications (shower, bath, toilet)