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In terms of materials, we offer HPL, Solid-Surface en Ergo Shower Floors, but what exactly are the differences between these three?


HPL shower floors & walls by Cossolid consist of multiple layers. The first is a hard transparent resin toplayer (melamine), covering a colored and textured “decor layer”. Next, several layers of kraftpaper, impregnated with fenolresin. This combination is then pressed in a high pressure, high temperature environment. The result is a hard sheet, only 0,7 mm thick. This HPL sheet can then be used as a toplayer and be applied to a base, eg. our hard PVC core.

Soft: Cossolid Ergo Shower Floor

These Ergo shower floors & walls combine a myriad of seemingly contradicting benefits, such as a warm appearance and soft feeling and Class 1 non slip properties. Cossolid Ergo walls are installed without any silicone. This explains the exceptional hygienic qualities, as it is exceedingly difficult for bacteria and mold to attach to the walls. For this reason, Cossolid Ergo walls are even used in the healthcare sector, where hygiene requirements are extremely high. The corresponding soft shower floors are made to measure and has a pleasant and comfortable feeling. Even when doused with water and soap, the toplayer offers stability and grip.

Corian: Solid-Surface made by Getacore.

Solid-Surface or Corian® are homogeneous synthetics, made from ceramic fillers (aluminumoxide) and the thermoplast (acrylate) PMMA. This material has no toplayer and consists of one homogeneous mass, without pores, has a pleasant, warm feeling, and is extremely flexible when worked.

Solid-Surface can be folded when heated to 180°C, milled, sanded and joined without visible or tangible seam.

Solid-Surface is characterized by its technique for seamless joining. This means that that multiple elements are combined in to one, using a cold 2 part glue, thé speciality of Novifor. This technique opens a new world of endless possibilities, supported by the skills and experience of the company.

Maintenance and properties 

HPL, Ergo-Shower floor & Solid-Surface are tough materials that are perfect for showers. The surface is smooth and  non-porous, which makes is hygienic and easy to clean. Usually, normal dirt is removed with only a soft, wet cloth. In case of more stubborn stain or caked dirt, some soapy water or other usual  cleaning products (non abrasive) will do the trick. No sanding or scrubbing required!

After installation, you will receive a free manual on maintaining and cleaning your shower, for a carefree enjoyment of your new bathroom.



Color range for shower walls & floors

HPL Beton look

HPL Lava Stone look

HPL Antracite


Solid-Surface .

Ergo-Douchevloer Taupe

Ergo-Douchevloer Antraciet

Ergo-Douchevloer Wit

Mat Corian Look White

HPL Travertine