FENIX shower walls and floors

Fenix bathroom panels with a unique smooth, velvety and matt finish.

Working with FENIX NTM is a using highly innovative material. FENIX is a so-called ‘smart material’ with self healing properties. As it repels both water and soap and has a luxurious velvety feel, it is the perfect product for your bathroom. FENIX NTM can be used for both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Thanks to the lotuseffect, the top layer repels water and soap, perfect for a wet cell

The nanotechnology behind FENIX NTM renders fingerprints almost invisible and repels water. Next to that, small scratches can be healed by simply rubbing the surface.

FENIX has matt, anti-mirroring properties that give the material a warm and velvety feel, thanks to the ‘soft touch’-technology.


Other FENIX properties.


The FENIX panels boast a plethora of unique properties. These are amongst other:

  • Self healing
  • Nanotechcoating
  • Soft touch
  • Matt finish
  • No visible fingerprints
  • Antibacterial
  • Hygienic
  • No static electricity
  • No heat-deformation
  • Impact resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Lots of possibilities for shower floors
  • Satin soft
  • Water and soap repellant


Both our shower walls and floors are available in FENIX finish.


FENIX-Brochure PDF