Why do we choose Hansgrohe ?

This is what they stand for. This is what makes them special.

For everybody that is looking to renovate, redesign or revamp their bathroom, Hansgrohe is the solution.


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Both our large brands, Axor and Hansgrohe employ internationally aclaimed designers:
Hansgrohe is a household name in high quality design. Creative ideas find a home in Hansgrohe, the enterprise supports succesful designers all over the world. It organizes workshops with renowned designers and other creative minds that shape the bathroom of tomorrow. This exceptional connection to the creative process has rewarded Hansgrohe AG with more than 300 international awards in the last years.
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Responsability is key in Hansgrohe

The Hansgrohe Group is one of the pioneers in its industry regarding sustainability and climate protection. Hansgrohe takes great pride in its decennialong ‘green’ history and has demanding goals for an ecological future. It is natural for the Group to incorporate social responsability and sustainability in its ideals and image. Our passion for water continually drives us to enlarge and diversify our range of energy- and water-saving products. We like to set worldwide trends in sustainability with our cutting edge technology.

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For Hansgrohe Climate preservation, sustainability and sense of responsibility mean:

  • Water- and energy saving products with a long life cycle.
  • Sophisticated recycling systems.
  • Environment friendly establishments and production methods.
  • Use of renewable energy.
  • Worldwide projects in environment protection and knowledge in sustainable water management.













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