VisaMara shower.

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E A U P L U S decided to collaborate with Vismara Vetro to work out a beautiful, comprehensive design for your bathroom.

Vismara Vetro are known for their service, design and quality and offer the perfect combination for your walk-in shower.


Wellness shower.

There is nothing better than relaxing in a “Wellness shower”, that is easy to maintain and perfectly designed according to your own style

5x times stronger.

Shower doors are made of tempered safety glass, which is 5 times stronger than ordinary single-sheet float glass.

T.P.A. coating


Ordinary glazing is highly susceptible to damage from hard water, soap, moisture, cleansing agents, etc. these corrode and roughen the glass surface, making it appear heavily soiled after a period of time.


T.P.A. is therefore the ideal glazing for your shower wall or door, and this type of glass enables the shower glass to be cleaned and effectively maintained with a minimum of effort.



Fully customised


Since we customise each shower, our shower walls and shower doors are also fully customised.

That is why VisaMara is a perfect partner for us.

Quick delivery and perfect service.