Wall coverings for showers in Corian/Solid-Surface.

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 Wall coverings for showers in Corian/Solid-Surface

Bathrooms are no longer the basic provision they were, but in these modern times they ooze beauty and relaxation.

Solis-Surface is a very versatile, solid finish material that is an indispensable design element in your bathroom, such as elegant bathroom sheets, shower trays and bathtubs or ergonomically designed bathroom furniture. Like zen is your theme, Solid-Surface is your material.


Seamless shaping

Solid-surfaces products, such as a sink or a finish for shower walls, can be perfectly built out of multiple elements, while giving the impression that the surface of one piece. Thanks to the seamless streamlining countertops have no visible or tangible seams or openings in which dirt and moisture can accumulate.


Sustainable beauty

Solid-surface material is easy to clean: the material is non-porous thus stains do not penetrate into the surface. If it is properly cleaned, a Solid-Surface is also resistant to the growth of fungi and bacteria.


Eauplus Solid-surface panels

Our advantages over traditional panels are:

Lighter, thanks to our specially designed sandwich panel.
Extreme width of 1200 mm and height of 3000 mm.
1/2 less work in sanding and polishing.
Unique tongue and groove connection.
A lower price.


The Eauplus solid-surface wall panels have maximum dimensions of 3000 mm x 1230 mm with a thickness of 14 mm. Our walls are connected with a specially designed torque system such that we can process the panels seamlessly. This results in perfect seamless walls that need little maintenance.