Living without Steps.

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Live at home longer and more independent with a Senior Shower form Smood.

A modified senior bathroom often means that elderly people can live longer and more independent in their own home. Also for people with certain disabilities daily life becomes easier and more comfortable with a custom bathroom. A home, fitting for the next phase of our lives, with respect for pride and privacy, in order to live independently.

With the Smood Ergo Shower Floor we can equip the Senior Shower with the highest possible non skid R-Value, but even more important: a shower and bathroom floor on the same level, without step or rim. Taking a shower without danger of slipping or falling over dangerous steps.

Several other elements, seemingly  natural to others, can cause dangerous and/or uncomfortable situations. Eg. the height of the toilet, dimensions of the shower door … Together we can design a complete bathroom that meets your personal needs, wishes and situation.

Threshold-free solutions for a safer bathroom.


A built-in toilet or washbasin with adjustable heigh for a safer and more comfortable bathroom.

In the last couple of years, the demand for accessible bathrooms has increased. Not only people with disabilities, but also elderly people want a safe, comfortable bathroom in order to live more independently for longer. The height-adjustable toilet “WC-move” and washbasin “WT-move” are ideal elements that increase the comfort decisively, but also make for a bathroom that can be used by different generations, with no discomfort for any of those generations.


Custom made shower doors, with attention to comfort and assisted living.

Thanks to our experience in the health care sector, we have designed several special shower solution, based on the needs of our customers.

These doors are designed with assisted living in mind, to keep the caretaker dry while washing the client.

In case of other requirements, we are more than willing to discuss the solution best fitting to your situation.


Rolstoel douche hotel toegankelijk
Rolstoel douche hotel toegankelijk hotel r11
Rolstoel douche hotel toegankelijk hotel r11

Custom made washing basin for the bathroom that is just that bit different.