What is Smood ?

Custom showers are always “standard” with Smood.

badkamer renovatie Eauplus

Superstrong Smood shower floor construction with acoustic insulation.

The toplayer of the “Smood Ergo Shower Floor” is non skid, resistant to scratches, color fading, fire (Class 1), pressure and has excellent acoustic qualities. This toplayer is combined with a sandwich panel consisting out of Aluminum – Polyvinyl – Aluminum. This unique combination results in a light, strong, stable and sound proof (NBN S01-400-1) product. The floor is pressed and glued at a slight angle, ensuring proper drainage.

The HPL toplayers of a Smood panel have a high molecular density, these layers are therefore resistant to changes in environment, such as moisture, large temperature changes and UV rays. This makes for a durable panel. Next to that, Smood is also exceptionally strong, with a high resistance to bending and breaking. These properties make Smood a much used material in both bathrooms and outdoor construction.

The Smood HPL walls and floors cannot break or crack and are 100%  resistance to wear and tear because, as opposed to other existing brand, we do not use a thin layer of paint or acryl, but a massive, homogeneous HPL toplayer.

Compared to other shower walls, such as PVC or Acryl, the Smood panels are finished with HPL, and instead of cheap looking shiny plastic, they are scratch resistant and the color will not fade. Thanks to the Melamine resin, the hardest synthetically made organic material, HPL is not affected by chemicals or heat. The surface is smooth and non-porous, and thus hygienic and easy to clean.

Eauplus only works with high quality products developed and certified in Europe that are 100% free of chlorine and recyclable.

Taking a shower becomes even more relaxing than ever before.

Smood is exceptionally abrasion resistant

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Smood toplayer, feeling incredibly soft.

Smood shower floor: non skid, scratch resistant, no color fading and fire retardant.

In some cases, severe demands are made on the fire resistance of floors, eg. in apartments.


Choose to take a better shower

Smood Antibacterial & non skid (Class R11) Properties

The Smood toplayer is an evolution of a material designed specially for the catering and medical industry, that has proven its strength and use in cleanrooms, food storage, laboratories …
This layer is resistant to alkaline solutions and diluted acids. When extruding the Vinyl toplayer, Nano-silver particles are added. These particles acts as “bacteria killers” which make for a surface that is easy to keep clean and sterile. This is improved even further with the bacteria repellant properties due to the smooth and non porous surface.
The Smood shower floors have an invisible anti skid (Class 1) with a non skid R-Value of 11, the maximum. As this non skid property is not the result of a special ribbed or textured surface, but is due to the molecular characteristics of the material, it is till smooth and easy to clean. This R-Value is crucial in public places such as hotels or government buildings. The walls can also have the same clean and smooth finish as the floors, for a bathroom that is safe and esthetically pleasing.

                                                                                                                        Smood is resistant to calcification and mold

Smood Ergo-Shower Floor made to measure.

As the Smood Ergo Shower Floor is not cast or thermoformed, you are guaranteed that everything is right-angled and perfectly straight. The drain is always centered and supplied with a standard 90 mm siphon.
The shower floor can be equipped with a baseboard, which is completely seamless and normally 3 cm high. For the floor every shape and size up to 298 cm is possible. We draw and model each floor, before CNC milling it to the desired shape and dimensions.
The Smood Ergo Shower Floor can also be equipped with a premounted waterproof rim in stainless steel, 4 cm high. This rim makes for a triple waterproofed seal after the EAUPLUS -WALL panels are installed, without any silicone!
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Made to Measure is our standard

Smood Shower Renovations, without joints.

Goodbye mold!

Smood Eauplus walls offer only benefits. With these shower walls you can eliminate the need for joints, giving mold no chance. This makes the Eauplus walls a maintenance dream; cleaning wise, a smooth surface without seams is as easy as it gets. Next to that, our walls are finished with nearly invisible silicone strips, waterproofing your walk-in shower. Another benefit of these wall panels is that they can be installed on top of old tiles, as a rough or uneven surface poses no problems. This means that even in existing buildings moisture problems can be solved using Eauplus Wallssoft shower douchebak

Schermafbeelding 2016-01-07 om 11.23.35Smood shower floor and walls are easy to clean

Our own specialized installation team.

More and more customers opt for custom made showers. As we have been doing this for years, our experience and expertise let us guide you through your entire project.

From the drawing room to delivery you are guaranteed the highest quality!

We employ our own skilled professionals.

 Our own, experienced Team

douchebakken op maat. Een douchebak op maat is vaak belangrijk. De douchebakken hebben een perfect antislip oppervlak .

 Cossolid is lightweight